Few things about oxy fuel and plasma cutting machines

CNC stands for computer numerical control; a CNC Cutting Machine is a machine which is controlled by a computer through a numerical program and cut the material as per provided drawing.

First make the drawing in AutoCAD, then import the .dxf or .dwg file into nesting software, generating the G code file, then save the G code file into USB disk, and plug into control panel, reading the G code file, and let plasma machine cut the file.

Mild Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass and SS

Only Mild steel can cut by oxy fuel method.

6.00 mm To 150.00 mm mild steel

0.5 mm To 70.00 mm MS and 40.00 mm SS.

Water table extraction is a cost-effective way of minimizing harmful sparks and fumes that come as a result of cutting certain types of metals. Water table machines are easy to care for, quiet, and less expensive than downdraft machines.

Plasma is a jet or beam of ionized gas capable of conducting electricity. This ionized jet or beam produces extreme heat of around 20,000 Degree Celsius. Oxygen or compressed air use as a fuel source to create a flame.This cretated heat melts the metal and the gas flow ejects it from the cut.

oxy fuel cutting is a thermal cutting process that uses oxygen and acetylene (acetylene or LPG) as a fuel source to create a flame. Pure oxygen is then directed toward the heated area in a fine, high pressure stream. As the steel is oxidized and blown away to form the cavity.

The software analyses the shapes to be produced at a particular time. Using algorithms, it determines how to lay these parts in such a way as to produce the required quantities of parts in minimum sheet size, while minimizing the amount of raw material wasted. It will help to minimize raw material and machining cost

Points to be consider before selecting cutting machine

WidthUpto 1.5 Mtr
Upto 3.0 Mtr
MiniCut or MasterCut
Length Upto 3.0 Mtr
Upto 20.0 Mtr
MiniCut or MasterCut
Thickness MS upto150 mm
MS upto 16 mm
MS upto 25 mm
MS upto 70 mm
All models

MS onlyAll models
MS & SSAll models with suitable Plasma

±0.5 mm MasterCut
±1.0 mmMicroCut and MiniCut

Upto 6000 mm/min MiniCut or MasterCut
Upto 3000 mm/minMicroCut