micro cut

Balaji Oxy fuel and plasma cutting machine (MicroCut)

Technical Specifications -
Sr Particulars Description
1 Cutting tool Plasma torch/Oxyfuel torch
2 Controller F2000
3 Cutting thickness (Oxy fuel) 6 to 50 mm
4 Cutting thickness (Plasma) 1.0 mm To 25.00 mm
5 Drive motor Stepper motor
6 Drive type Single drive
7 CNC Controller 2 Axis
8 Cutting Width 1.5 metres
9 Cutting Length 3.0 metres
10 Cutting Speed (Plasma) upto 3000 mm per min
11 Cutting Speed (Oxy fuel) upto 600 mm per min
12 Safety Device Mechanical devices.
Sr Particulars Description
13 Linear positional Accuracy ±1.0 mm per 10 metres
14 Cutting Shape Accuracy ± 1.0 mm
15 Linear repeat precision ±0.5 mm per 10 metres
16 Controller accuracy ±0.01 mm
17 Height sensor Provided
18 Frame Structure Table top
19 Positioning speed (Feed rate) 0-3 metres per min
20 X-Axis motor 50 W motor
21 Y-Axis motor 50 W motor
22 Z-Axis motor DC brake motor
23 Type of guides for X-axis Cantilever gantry type
24 Type of guides for Y-axis Aluminum section

Suitable Plasma for above machine - (Select any one of below list)

Cutting type Normal Cutting range Max Cutting range kW requirment
Mild Steel Stainless steel Mild Steel Stainless steel in kW
Huayuan LGK 100 2.0 -16 mm 2.0 -12 mm 25 mm 12 mm 16 kW
Hypertherm Powermax 45 0.5 -10 mm 0.5 -10 mm 25 mm 12 mm 12 kW
Hypertherm Powermax 65 0.5 -12 mm 0.5 -10 mm 25 mm 12 mm 16 kW
Hypertherm Powermax 85 0.5 -16 mm 0.5 -12 mm 25 mm 12 mm 21 kW
Hypertherm Powermax 105 0.5 -20 mm 0.5 -16 mm 25 mm 12 mm 26 kW

Key Features

  • Fangling make controller.
  • Either oxyfuel or plasma assembled on gantry.
  • Controller support up to 25 mm MS plasma cutting.
  • Controller support up to 50 mm MS Oxyfuel cutting.
  • Plasma cutting is versatile and compatible to cut the materials like Mild steel, Stainless steel, copper, aluminum etc.
  • Cantilever gantry type.
  • Use stepper motor for both axis.
  • High cutting speed of plasma ( up to 3000 mm per min ) gives you fast cutting and maximum output per shift.
  • Mechanical devices will ensure safety while working .
  • Plasma Height sensor will adjust height automatically from cutting surface to avoid damages of nozzles.
  • Directly imports CNC sample shapes. Some common shape are easily available in controller.
  • Provided nesting software analyses the shapes to be produced at a particular time and it determines how to lay these parts in such a way as to produce the required quantities of parts in minimum sheet size, while minimizing the amount of raw material wasted. It will help to minimize raw material and machining cost.
  • Plasma cutting is most affordable solution to cut various size and shape, highly productive, high accuracy or compare to oxyfuel less initial cost as compared to laser..
  • Type of consumables are very less to keep in stock and its readily available in global market.
  • For most of the material cutting by plasma required only industrial compressed air which is easily available.